EVASA considers it essential to assume in its production a responsible management system from environmental and social points of view, as well as in terms of economic viability, and we have certification that supports these aims.


In a global context where the demand for wood is growing and where the substitutes offered generate complex impacts and waste, EVASA considers it essential to assume in its production a responsible management system from an environmental and social point of view and to have a certification that endorses it.

Forest certification is a voluntary procedure that companies in the sector undergo to guarantee that their processes and products meet certain environmental, ecological, social and business standards. Thus, since 2011, EVASA has been certified by the most demanding authority on the matter, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

The FSC® based in Bonn, Germany, promotes good forest management that generates environmental, social and economic benefits. The organization accredits independent certifiers who evaluate and monitor the performance of companies and groups that apply the standards developed by it.


  • The certification granted consists of a label that guarantees that the company complies with all the standards established for a period of five years, during which it has an annual follow-up audit to sustain the seal.
  • The FSC® certification not only requires explicit adherence to the label and its requirements, but also a full compliance with each and every one of its principles, criteria and indicators in force in Argentina.



  • Preferred by Nature (https://preferredbynature.org/certification) is one of the FSC® certifying bodies in the country, and is that which audits EVASA.
  • The FSC® Audit process includes independent interviews with interested parties and with the community in general [NGOs, government entities, neighbors, clients, workers, etc.]. These interviews are of different types: proposed by the audited entity, and other proposed parties that express their interest in participating voluntarily. Invitations to participate are issued directly by the auditing entity, at least 30 days in advance and announced by different written or electronic means in order to ensure wide deployment of this opportunity to participate.
  • Preferred by Nature auditors make visits to our management units in order to verify that the operations are carried out in a genuine manner and in accordance with the FSC® Principles and Criteria.



  • EVASA obtained the so-called Chain of Custody certification for its forest products, which guarantees their identity and origin once they are transferred to intermediate customers, and which allows the latter to use the FSC® label in all those final products obtained from certified raw materials supplied by EVASA, thus making a significant contribution to the competitiveness of customers in national and international markets.